Aging brings many positive aspects to life as people create beautiful memories with their loved ones. Nevertheless, as one grows older, they face small challenges while taking care of themselves or doing household chores. Therefore, personal care services help older adults look after themselves so that they can live stress-free in their advancing years.

What is personal care?

Personal care refers to the services provided to older people to cater to their needs and personal routines, such as bathing, maintaining a proper skincare regime, and maintaining intact hygiene. Therefore, an older individual continues to live independently but needs assistance with some activities to keep their hygiene intact.

Why is personal care important for an older person?

Some people face difficulty maintaining hygiene in their advancing years. And due to poor hygiene, their body becomes the living host for several kinds of diseases. Therefore, it is important to maintain hygiene to prevent infections and medical conditions that affect well-being and quality of life.

How do personal care services help to reduce stress among older people?

Usually, these services are the most common type of in-home care services that many older adults in Maryland avail themselves of. In-home care services such as personal care services in Maryland help older individuals live their life independently while helping them to meet wellness goals. In addition, it also helps reduce stress and helps them take good care of themselves.

Here is how it helps to reduce the stress levels of older adults:


As one grows older, their body starts getting physically weak. Therefore, keeping up with the exercises will help them retain the mobility and flexibility of their bodies. It’s the caregiver’s job to make sure that a senior loved one is eating nutritious meals and exercising regularly.

Maintaining hygiene

Caregivers look after the hygiene of older people, that mainly includes a skincare routine, grooming, bathing, oral hygiene, and so on. Therefore, maintaining hygiene helps older adults protect themselves from several infections.

Light housekeeping

It includes making beds, washing utensils, doing laundry, and many more. The trained caregivers help older adults with household maintenance and personal hygiene. As a result, older individuals can live their lives happily.

Medication management

Some people may develop some side effects from the medicines due to regular intake. Therefore, medication management is essential for older people. The caregivers must have some basic medical knowledge as they guide them about their medicines and help them understand the adverse effects of an overdose. Proper medication management reduces the stress level of senior loved ones.

Health monitoring

Many older adults have difficulty taking care of themselves. They, sometimes, tend to ignore their personal well-being. As a result, health monitoring gets challenging. Therefore, the caregivers offering in-home care monitor the health and hygiene of older adults.

Food and meal preparation

Some people have a little difficulty preparing nutritious meals for themselves, many in-home care providers help older adults with meal preparation. Such services monitor their physical and mental well-being.

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