Has your loved one recently started feeling isolated?

Are you concerned about how to make them feel happier and more connected to life?

Well, things can be a bit different in the advancing years. As our loved ones go through various social, emotional, and psychological changes, they tend to feel a bit overwhelmed in this whole new journey of the golden period. Companion care services help to overcome such overwhelming situations and reduce the risk of social isolation to a greater extent.

The right companion care can make a big difference by offering emotional support to cope with life changes and situations. The companion care aides help older adults go out of the house to visit friends and stay engaged with the community.
Let’s explore more about what companion care services are and how it helps older individuals in their golden years.

What is Companion Care?

Companion care services at home are non-medical services aiming to improve the lives of our loved ones by offering emotional and social support. The objective of this care service is to help older adults live with greater independence and dignity. The caregivers help them participate in social gatherings and make new friends in their local neighborhood.

Benefits of Companion Care

Having a nice cup of tea with a heartful conversation can be a big game-changer in this whole scenario. Getting an opportunity to socialize can add cherished moments. Such socialization reduces the risk of dementia and promotes healthy living.

  • Offers emotional support
  • Engagement in various social activities
  • Accompany them on outings or family picnic
  • Encourage socialization
  • Trusted companionship

Now that you know the benefits, you must be wondering about the types of companion care facilities. Let’s check out the list of companion care facilities you may find nearby.

Types of Companion Care In Silver Spring, Maryland

It is important to fully understand what kind of companion care facilities your loved one needs in the golden period. Not every older adult needs the same type of companion care; in the following, we have mentioned the types of companion care:

In-Home Companion Care

This care service is for older adults who prefer to stay at home independently and do not need 24-hour care. Here, the companion care providers schedule visiting hours at the houses of your older loved one. They help them with grocery shopping, transportation assistance, meal preparation, and so on. The visiting hours vary from short visits to several hours a day. However, the caregivers are not responsible for helping other members of the families.

Live-In Companion Care

Older individuals diagnosed with dementia or with a chronic illness need around-the-clock caregivers. As a result, medical emergencies can occur at any time, and 24-hour caregiving services are needed for them. In live-in companion care services, the caregivers help the individuals take care of their hygiene and personal care.

Religious-based companion care

Many religious communities, like churches, offer companion care facilities. These churches have Catholic companion care or Christian companion care to reduce the feeling of isolation for your loved one. These churches have shut-in ministries where church volunteers visit the homes of older adults regularly. Together, they sit and watch televised sermons and have a nice conversation.

Hospice companion care

Hospice companion care volunteers help our loved ones with running errands, medical appointments, and many more things. These volunteers include social workers, clerks, and nurses. They also offer respite to your family caregivers by playing the role of a home health aide.

Now that you know which companion care service your loved one needs, let us help you find one.

Well, it cannot be underestimated that companion care services have amazing benefits and help improve the quality of life. But it is important to choose the right kind of companion care services that work for your loved one as well.

Here is How To Find A Companion Caregiver for your older family member:

Family caregivers

We understand having a family caregiver sounds tempting, and as long as your loved one feels closer and does not shy away from expressing their concern, family caregivers could be anyone, including spouses, adult children, siblings, neighbors, or other family members. They offer help with the activities of daily living and help your loved one recreate new memories with the family.

Home care agencies

Many home care agencies have registered nurses who offer companion care services to older people and help them live with dignity. Agencies offering in-home companion services assess an individual’s needs to determine what kind of care services he or she needs from time to time. 

At Comfikare Homecare, caregivers offer the best companion care services to older adults by first understanding their unique needs and preferences. Our care providers also assist them with light housekeeping services so that they have plenty of time to participate in social programs without having to worry about household chores. So, your loved one gets plenty of opportunities to participate in community work, socialize, make some new friends, and explore new horizons of interests.

Ask your Family doctor

Many doctors or medical professionals know a lot of caregivers who offer home health aid along with companion care services in the neighborhood. You can also ask you’re concerned doctor to recommend the right caregiver, as the doctor would know which kind of companion care services could be better for your loved one.

Word of mouth

Another way to get companion care for your older family member is by word of mouth. Ask your neighbor or family members if they know anybody who could provide the best companion care services to your loved one and assistance with the activities of daily living. But you need to be cautious and run a background check all by yourself before hiring the caregiver to offer care services.

Do You Need The Best Companion Care Services In Silver Spring?

Home health care providers who offer companion care are the best among all because they have years of training and know what is best for older people. However, most importantly, you have to consider your budget before hiring a caregiver to offer companion care services. In the next blog, we are going to discuss the cost of companion care services.

But if you or your loved one needs in-home companion care services in Silver Spring, Comfikare Homecare offers the best-registered caregivers with years of training in the senior care industry. The certified caregivers help your loved ones with the activities of daily living and help you participate in community games and programs so that they can make new friends and add colorful memories to their lives. With our affordable customized care plans, your loved ones do not have to be lonely and make new memories with new friends.  Contact us now!