People with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease need to get the proper nutrition and a Dementia diet plan. The progression of Dementia Alzheimer’s disease is limited with proper diet and nutrition. One may get overwhelmed with many food choices for senior loved ones. Fret not! This blog will help you make the right choice for your loved ones.
What is dementia?
Dementia impairs a person’s cognitive ability. Over 7 million people aged 65 or older have dementia. If the condition continues, by 2040 there will be 12 million cases.

Symptoms of dementia

Early signs of dementia

Losing the track of time

Middle-stage signs of dementia

Poor communication skills
• Unable to maintain basic personal care

Final stage

Trouble identifying names, immobility
Increased need for personalized care, like bathing, or other basic assistance.

How does a proper diet reduce the progression of dementia?

There is no scientific evidence that a reversed diet plan for dementia improves cognitive functions. Experts have observed that healthy nutrition and proper diet charts have improved the cognitive processes of people. The progression of the disease results in the loss of appetite and weight.
Nutritionist expert, Martha Clare Morris, and her colleagues at Rush University Medical Center, Chicago, conducted a study in 2015. The study established a relationship between diet and cognitive functioning.
This results in a MIND diet to improve cognitive functions.

How was the MIND diet born?

The concept came as a combined result of two plant-based diets, the Mediterranean diet, and the DASH diet.

Diets to follow for people dealing with dementia

Leafy green vegetables,
One glass of wine
Whole grains

Foods to avoid for people dealing with dementia

Processed meats, salami, and sausage.
Food flavor enhancers, sugary beverages (pastries, and sweets), and soda; stay away from fast food.

Currently, there is no cure available for this illness; the right care and a proper diet plan reduce the progression of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.
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