If you stay with an older loved one at home, you probably know about health complications during the fall and winter. Flu season is right around the corner, so we better be prepared with flu shots and medication to protect our loved ones from the same. 

With the approaching flu season, older people must take all the precautions and seek help whenever needed. Although the flu particularly does not affect young people, for older loved ones, things can be a bit challenging. 

But with caregivers offering home care services brings comfort and things get easier. 

In this blog, we will explore the common things that you should know about the flu and the role of caregivers at home offering support to older people during flu season.

Table of content    

  • Seasonal flu
  • Can Flu Shots Keep Older Adults Safe From Season Flu?
  • Right time for older adults to get flu shots 
  • Do older adults need flu shots every year?
  • Are flu shots safe for my loved ones?
  • Role of caregivers during flu season

Seasonal Flu

Flu is a contagious respiratory illness that happens every year and spares no age. Mostly, people recover from the flu in 1-2 weeks, but for older people, it can be life-threatening. As with people over 65 years of age, things get more complicated and turn out to be complicated further.

Common Flu symptoms

Common Flu symptoms

It is important to be aware of flu symptoms among older people. Knowing the symptoms will help you be aware and take timely precautions. 

  • Fever
  • Headache
  • Breathlessness
  • Fatigue
  • Chest discomfort
  • Muscle pain
  • Sweating and chills
  • Nausea
  • Nasal congestion 

Moreover, when the immune system is not strong, there may be the development of secondary infections as well. This includes, 

  • Ear infection
  • Sinus 
  • Bronchitis
  • Pneumonia 

Once you see your loved ones having these signs, they must seek medical attention and get a recommended flu shot. This reduces symptoms and health complications. 

Also, they need to practice some hygiene, like handwashing and so on. This will prevent them from getting ill if they are around loved ones with flu symptoms.

Can Flu Shots Keep Older Adults Safe From Season Flu?

Yes, you cannot avoid the seasonal flu, but you can definitely help your loved ones because people over the age of 66 have a higher risk of developing health complications. These complications aggravate when they are infected, especially if they have chronic health conditions. 

That’s why flu shots are the best way to help them protect themselves from any infections or serious complications. In this way, they can be safe at home and do not promote the risk of spreading infections to other family members.

Right Time For Older Adults To Get Flu Shots 

Flu can happen at any time, but the peak season is between October and December, which is fall and winter.

However, flu shots take at least two weeks to start working, so getting them before October will be effective.

Do Older People Need Flu Shots Every Year?

Flu shots should be taken at least once a year.

 The flu virus changes every year, and the vaccines are updated accordingly.

Updating vaccines is important because of the changes in flu viruses. So, healthcare professionals anticipate the type of flu virus and update it accordingly. 

Moreover, protection from the virus lessens over time, so it is important to take flu shots every fall. This helps in overall protection from the virus.

Are Flu Shot Safe For My Loved Ones?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, older people must get an adjuvanted flu shot for strong immunity. High-dose flu shots contain antigens that provide better protection from weakened immunity.

If you have been wondering which flu shot is highly recommended, it is better to seek professional help. The doctors diagnose your loved ones, their conditions, and their overall well-being, and then recommend the right one.

Moreover, all flu vaccines are safe, but do check in with the doctor before you take a flu shot. 

Especially when you have,

  • Adverse medication reactions
  • Food allergy
  • Allergy from metals like mercury
  • Fever

There are chances that older people may face some mild flu symptoms after getting a flu shot. However, these symptoms usually disappear after a day. 

Caregivers Are The Unsung Heroes During Seasonal Flu

However, if you are living away from a senior loved one, you must be worried about the coming season. Since October is here, you may get worried about who is going to look after them and help them out when they need it the most. 

With the fall season approaching, the well-being of older adults gets more complicated. That’s when caregivers at home provide support and assistance to minimize flu risks.

How Do Caregivers Help Loved Ones During Flu Season?

Caregivers Helping Loved Ones During Flu Season
  • Health monitoring to detect flu symptoms
  • Providing medication on time to promote a faster recovery from the flu
  • Sanitation and hygiene to prevent flu spread
  • Providing proper, nutritious meals for overall well-being 
  • Help older people receive flu shots on time
  • Help older people follow quarantine protocol if they contract the flu
  • Providing homemaking services to reduce flu infection and spreading
  • Preventing accidents during illness
  • Providing companionship and support to reduce loneliness
  • Educating and making older people and their families aware of the flu infection

Therefore, caregivers offer multifaceted support to older people and their families during flu season. They ensure that older people are healthy and significantly recovering from the flu over a while.

Finding Home Care Agency in Silver Spring, MD

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