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Experience the true meaning of comfort and well-being with Comfikare’s Home Care Services in Bethesda. Elevate your wellness, health, and peace of mind right away. 

Why Choose Us

Comfikare’s Home care services in Bethesda aims to bring joy to the lives of older adults and peace of mind to families. Choosing the right home care services will help you relish every memory. Enjoy your golden years with the best home care service peacefully in the comfort of your home.

  • Compassionate Caregiving
  • Trained and Certified caregivers
  • Bonded, Licensed, and Insured Caregivers
  • Customized Home care solutions
  • Around-the-Clock Availability
  • Affordable Home Care Services
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Our Services

Comfikare Homecare offers a wide range of comprehensive home care solutions to meet the changing needs and preferences of senior loved ones. Our certified, experienced, and compassionate home caregivers promote the idea of aging in place and help older adults manage their day-to-day tasks with ease so that they can enjoy their golden years with comfort. Get happiness right at your doorstep with our certified staff

Alzheimer Care

We understand that cognitive issues can often leave families overwhelmed because of changing needs and preferences. Our dedicated caregivers are here to offer Alzheimer’s care to every individual based on their needs and services.

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Home Making

Aging in place gets easier with our home health care services in Bethesda. Our primary goal is to ensure that every older individual gets the best home making services so that your loved one can continue living stress-free and enjoy their golden years.

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After Hospital Care

Don’t take on the responsibility of performing all chores alone; let your body heal emotionally and physically with our home care after hospital discharge. Our team of experienced caregivers is here to help you with the activities of daily living.

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Senior Referral Placement

If You Are Looking For More Than Just Home Care Services, We Are More Than Happy To Provide You With Free Independent Living, Assisted Living, And Memory Care Placement Referral Services.

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Companion Care

Did you notice some unusual behavioral changes among your older loved ones? These changes often come with loneliness and isolation. Our in-home companion care providers are here to boost the mental well-being of older individuals.

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Personal care

Our personal care services aim to make the lives of every older individual comfortable and independent in their own homes. Now, with Comfikare’s personal care assistant, our loved ones get every help they need to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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Flex Care

We understand that doing all the chores in your advancing years leaves no time to enjoy your golden years. To ease up on physically daunting chores, our trained caregivers are here to help out every loved one with customized flex care services.

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Hospice and Respite Care

We understand that having a loved one diagnosed with terminal illness leaves you on an emotional rollercoaster. But we promise to make a difference with our hospice respite care so that you and your loved ones can spend the remaining days in peace and love.

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24-hour services

We understand that accomplishing tasks every day can be quite a challenge. So, we have decided to offer all sorts of in home care services in Bethesda for 24 hours so that you can enjoy living your golden years with independence.

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If home care is not an option for you, we also offer free Assisted Living, Independent Living, and Memory Care Referral Placement Services.

About Us

Every one of us wishes to live our golden years with dignity and independence. To make your wish come true, Comfikare’s Homecare is here to support you at every step. Our customized home care solutions are tailored to meet the needs and preferences of every older individual. We are committed to offering the best healthcare services to assist loved ones with injuries, medical conditions, and household chores. Our wide range of home care services provides the highest quality and exceptional care at every step. 

Embrace your independence in its truest form with the best home care agency in Bethesda.

Don't worry we will take care of your health

What Our Clients Says


Reliable and responsible.

Excellent patient care service


The caregivers are really good and outstanding. They help me take a shower, get dressed, and get my meal. They are here mostly in the morning and they organize. They help me go to the doctor’s. My secretary takes care of billing and scheduling.

Christie Feral

Comfi-Kare has been providing care-givers for my husband for over a year. Magna and Orville have always been generous with their time and advice, and promptly responded to any requests, needs and concerns. They have always strived to find caring, kind, people to take care of my husband and frequently come with them on their first day to get them oriented and trained. I can recommend their service with confidence.

Lisa Ring

My mom’s caregivers are wonderful.

We consider them part of our extended family.

Ruth Cohen

Comfi-Kare LLC was the first company to respond for an add for caregiver help. They were able to come to our home and meet in person right away and had someone ready to start in a week. They matched an experienced caregiver for my husband’s needs. Our caregiver was not provided outstanding care for my husband while I was at work, she impressed upon me that she was there to help me too and provide respite. She slowly taking care of household chores and it was such a blessing!

Charlie Harmel

On the worst day of my life Magna came and took care of me. Magna made sure I received treatment. She was a life saver. She followed up and made sure I was recovering from this evil Covid.

Acceptable Payment Methods

Private funds

Long-Term Care Insurance

Reversible Mortgage

VA Aid and Attendance

We are not certified to accept Medicaid payments.

Comprehensive In-Home Care Solutions For All Ages In Bethesda

Comfikare Homecare is proud to accomplish the title of the best home care service in Bethesda for every older individual in Bethesda. Our customized senior home care approach ensures that every older individual is safe and secure at home and in senior-living communities. With years of experience in the senior care industry, we are experts in providing home care and support to older individuals and their families. Our MOCFS Program is completely free of charge to provide care and support to elder care in every family. 

Join us as we embark on our journey to the holistic care of every loved one.

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